Chapter History

The absence of a Greek letter organization in the city of Griffin, Georgia and no chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha in the surrounding counties, was the inspiration for a meeting held on June 7, 1980, on the initiative of Cheryl R. Walker, of nine women in the home of Soror Angernette L. Walker.  The excited sorors met to discuss the possibilities of chartering a graduate chapter, of Alpha Kappa Alpha in the Griffin area.  Those women were Portia Hodo Mann, Sandra Denise Martin, Joyce Holston McClendon, Edna Miller, Gail Reid, Emmette Touchstone Lyons, Angernette Lawrence Walker, Cheryl R. Walker, and Wanda Head Young.

Remembering their vows of service to all mankind, and nurturing the desire to meet the needs of the community, these women saw a need for a chapter so they formed an interest group to work for an alumnae chapter in the Griffin area.  After contacting the Regional and National offices to get the information needed to start a chapter, these sorors elected officers and notified sorors in the surrounding areas.  The officers of the interest group consisted of the following:

  • President – Cheryl R. Walker
  • Vice President– Georgie Matchett
  • Secretary – Joyce Holston McClendon
  • Asst. Secretary – Edna Miller
  • Treasurer – Emmette Touchstone Lyons
  • Parliamentarian – Fannie Delaney
  • Chaplain – Sandra Denise Martin

Marion W. Smith, a member of Gamma Pi Omega Chapter of Fort Valley, Georgia was very instrumental in giving advice and information about establishing the chapter.  Several projects were implemented during the organizational period.  Some of the activities included projects at the Spalding Convalescent Center and a Founders’ Day Celebration. The members continued to plan for chartering and implemented additional service projects.  On December 13, 1981, the Xi Beta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was chartered with Deloris Hamm Oliver, South Atlantic Regional Director, officiating at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Griffin, GA.

The 18 chartering members of Xi Beta Omega were Anne McGhee Baugh (Mitchell), Sue Wright Davis*, Teresa Bolds Davis (Willis, Fannie K. Delaney, Sharon M. Dewberry, Geraldine Dukes, Portia Hodo (Mann)*, Shelia Hollingshed, Joyce Holston McClendon, Sandra Denise Martin, Georgie McCrary Matchett, Edna Miller*, Marricia Mitchell*, Rose P. Singleton, Vera Fuller Spencer, Emmette Touchstone (Lyons, Angernette L. Walker, and Cheryl R. Walker